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Productivity in the UK economy is worryingly low, and many solutions for resolving it have been put forward. One of the strangest was published recently in an advertorial in a major newspaper. The company advertising claimed that improving happiness at work would lead to greater productivity- which is almost certainly true. What was strange was the way they intended to improve happiness. It was by using their software, which would allow employees to book holidays, swap shifts, review work schedules and other similar tasks. All very useful, but none of this comes close to solving the major problem of workplace unhappiness, which is to do with corporate culture.
Companies that want their workers to be happy do more than just buy them software. They develop a collaborative ethos in which all staff feel part of a larger, mutually beneficial enterprise. They provide support for their staff, which can take many forms, including gyms, crèches and the opportunity to participate in social volunteering projects. Most importantly, they don’t bully, intimidate or make workers feel that they are dispensable or worthless.
Productivity is improved when people do jobs that they care about and are right for them. This means that both employers and staff need to understand what the individual’s key skills and values are, and to ensure that they employed in a role that allows them to play to their strengths. Our productivity improves when we care about our job, feel that it adds value to our life and that our employer takes an interest in us.
Which means, amongst many other things, giving employees the opportunity to access good career advice. Helping them to map out their future and to see how their current job fits into their longer term strategy. Providing personal career advice allows staff to feel that their employer cares about them, and gives them the tools to develop both professionally and personally. Career advice is not the only strategy for improving productivity and importance. But it is a lot more useful than fancy software tools that only scratch the surface of a major economic problem.

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