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Workplace Health Checks

A Clean Bill of Health: Workplace Health Checks

A clean bill of health can make all the difference to how effectively people operate in the workplace. If staff aren’t properly looked after,  this could potentially result in more absences, less productivity and seriously low levels of job satisfaction.

Bupa UK recently carried out a survey of 630 people across the UK to discover how habits differ across locations, as well as industries. Some of the findings were enlightening. Age was a defining feature, for example: it was revealed that older workers often fail to recognise the signs of stress. A lot of workplaces also appear to be failing to educate their staff on how to notice stress in themselves. These signs could range from a short temper to full-blown anxiety. It’s possible that many workers accept stress as a part of working life, when in fact, it is something that could (and should) be tackled.

A lack of support

When it comes to asking for help, many employers are failing their staff. Whereas older workers often fail to realise that they’re stressed, 17% of younger workers simply want to leave their company due to a lack of proper support. This could mean that not many people are asking for help. Perhaps they don’t believe they’re entitled to it, or maybe they just don’t think it would be available to them if they did ask (which may quite often be the case).

There were distinctions across sectors too. Retail came in with the highest stress levels, with 50% of retail workers wanting to leave a job due to stress. In addition, 41% of retail workers felt they couldn’t approach their manager with any health-related issues. This is a lot when compared to 32% of finance workers, and just 30% of construction workers.

The effects of an occupational health service

Implementing health checks in the workplace can make all the difference. Simple one-to-ones with staff can help individual team members feel valued, contributing to both their wellbeing and their levels of job satisfaction. It’s a manager’s duty to look out for signs of stress in their employees.

If someone seems tired, overworked or tense, speaking to them and letting them know that help is available could make a world of difference. It could be as simple as making a change in their workplace, or perhaps there could be more deeply rooted problems at home. Either way, it’s great for staff to feel supported. Of course, people won’t always feel comfortable speaking to their manager, which is where an occupational health service comes in.

Health at work

Bupa UK’s fascinating research also looks at work-life balance and the biggest causes of absence. Take a look at the infographic below for a handy summary of the statistics, read the article to find out more about the importance of health checks in the workplace.


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