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Happiest regions in the UK’s world of work


In the world of work, some places are happier to work than others

Northern Ireland and Yorkshire are home to the UK’s happiest working professionals, reveals new research published by London School of Business and Finance (LSBF).

LSBF’s Careers Report details information illustrating how happy people are in their careers throughout the UK. Surveying over 1000 participants of varying age and gender, the results suggest that nearly half of all workers in the UK (47%) would like a professional change.

Of those surveyed, nearly a third were based in the city of London, with a majority of Londoners (55%) stating that they were keen to change careers. These capital city dwellers, alongside those from Scotland, were also the most likely to regret their current career choice, citing a work/life imbalance as the main factor.

At the other end of the scale were residents of Northern Ireland and Yorkshire, who were most likely to answer ‘never’ when asked when they think they will make a career change, as well as having the highest percentages (61% and 49% respectively) of participants who are happy with their current job.

Indeed it seems that as many people are leaving London as are moving there, with the daily commute, rising levels of gentrification and cost of living becoming too much for some. Often thought of as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, the spiralling costs of rent are almost something of a running joke to locals. Statistics reflect this, revealing the main worry of surveyed Londoners to be financial security.

There’s no doubt that you can get more for your money outside of the capital – for £400 a month in London you might just be able to afford a tiny room in a shared flat, whilst in Yorkshire, the same amount could nab you a two bedroom house in Huddersfield town centre – understandably disheartening for those trying to scrape their way through life in the big city. Despite this, London still has a whole lot to offer, and for the thousands of residents that are happy to call it home, it’s worth paying that much extra for.

Download the LSBF Career Change full report.