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Mh2>Poll finds that swearing on Twitter or a drunken picture on Facebook could lose you a job offer, but showing industry knowledge and passion online can enhance your career management. A new YouGov online poll commissioned by CWJobs has revealed Read more…


The advantage of social media for your job networking is that it is quick and easy to extend your network. You don’t need to spend time meeting people, your networking is all done on line and the question of whether Read more…


If you’re looking for a job you really shouldn’t be reading this! Nor should you be spending more than a few minutes a day browsing job boards or looking for job opportunities on Linked In, Facebook, or anywhere else online.

Linked In

You don’t have to use Linked In to advance your career, but it certainly helps. It helps even more if you can be clear about what specifically you want to use Linked In for, and what benefit it will be Read more…