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What Are Your Job Search Essentials?


Your job search essentials are those things that you must have from a job in order to make it worth applying for. As a general principle, if you are offered a job, check it off against your list of job essentials before applying.

In this article we list the most frequent job essentials. You may well have others of your own to add to the list:


  • How Far Are You Prepared to Travel (Time or Distance)?
  • What Are Your Location Needs (e.g working outdoors, not working in the country, working in a town centre)?

The Company

  • What is the ideal size and structure
  • What is the culture
  • What are the company’s values?
  • What demands will working for the company make on your family or private life?
  • What will your boss/line manager be like? What is their working and management style?

Working Conditions

  • What sort of space do you want to work in (e.g workshop, open plan office, private office, retail floor)?
  • What facilities should there be (e.g crèche, pool room, canteen, sports facilities)?

The role

  • What tasks would your ideal role require you to perform?
  • What would you see as the ideal consequences of the work you do?
  • What is your ideal work-life balance?
  • What is your ideal team-solo working balance?
  • What are the prospects for career advancement, promotion, personal development?
  • What training opportunities do you want?

The package

  • What salary do you expect?
  • What pension package do you expect
  • What bonus and share options do you expect?
  • What benefits (health and life insurance, car, expense account, club membership) do you expect?