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The Job Offer

job offer

Making sure that your new job offer is in line with your expectations and that the company values you appropriately

You have just been offered a job! Fantastic. Now you need to know that the job offer is in line with your expectations and that the company values you appropriately. It is natural for employers to try to get themselves a bargain when recruiting new staff. Don’t fall for it! You should never undervalue yourself; something better could come along at any moment.

Be clear about what you want from the job.

It is not just about salary. Your next job has got to take you forward in the way you want. Review your career plan; will taking this job allow you to progress in the way you want? Will it improve your CV, and will it look good in three years’ time when you start thinking about your next role?

What about the people? Do you think you can work with them? Who will you be reporting to, what is their management style and will you have as much independence or team work as you need? Is the culture of the firm to your liking?  Did you feel comfortable when you went for interview?

And OK, salary does matter. So what about the package? Is it as good as you wanted or can you improve on it? There is always an option to negotiate, don’t be intimidated into accepting the first thing they offer you?

Finally, what about security? How is the company doing? Does it have a future or is it in trouble?. Will you be part of that future?

Job Essentials

A good way to evaluate whether the job you have been offered will be right for you is to prepare a Job Essentials List in advance. Then, when you are offered a job you can go to this list and see how well it matches your needs.

You will find a Job Essentials checklist in the Career Planning section of the Career Energy website.

Once you have drawn up your list of Job Essentials you can draw up a chart like this. The Match column is your assessment of how the job offer compares with you ideal. If the final match total is 75% or above, it is likely that this is the right job for you.

Job Essential My Ideal This Job offers Match
Distance from home 30 minutes 45 minutes 75%
Location Rural outlook Suburban office 60%
Company Values Good commitment to Social Responsibility Won an award in 2006 for their environmental projects 120%
Salary £60K £70K 110%
Pension Final Salary scheme 8% contribution to personal pension fund. 80%
Match Total(average of percentages) 89%