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Should You Take Outplacement?

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Outplacement services are offered by good companies when they make employees redundant. Many people find that a good outplacement service has helped them back into work far more quickly than if they had conducted a job search on their own.

It is normal to feel hurt after the loss of a job. You might not want to take advantage of the outplacement services that your former employer is offering. However, it is worth meeting with the outplacement provider, particularly if you have been in the same job for some time. Looking for a job today is very different from even a few years ago.  A good outplacement company can help you to navigate your way through the complexities of internet job boards, assessment centres, telephone interviews and all the other new and strange techniques you are likely to come across.

Some outplacement providers are better than others, and the effectiveness of their service will depend on which consultant you are assigned to. Ideally an employer will give you a budget to allow you to choose your own provider, rather than obliging you to use the company they have selected. But if this is not possible you should at least try to meet two or three consultants who work from your employers’ chosen outplacement company, and choose the one who you feel you can work with best.

Good outplacement providers will help you with far more than just rewriting your CV and your interview skills. Look for a provider which offers a flexible menu of services, so that if you feel you need it, you can even get help with your confidence building or your presentation skills. Try to find an outplacement provider who will give you one to one support, rather than offering you a place in a workshop; the more personal attention you can get, the better.

Offering outplacement support is not mandatory on an employer, but it is something which a responsible company should offer. If you are made redundant and are not offered outplacement, ask for it. Tell your employer you expect an outplacement budget to be built into your compensation package. After all, it is the least they can do.