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10 High-Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a College Degree For

Don’t have the money or the time to gain a college or university degree? Well don’t worry; there are still plenty of roles out there where you can earn serious money without a degree-level qualification. 

You can follow your dreams while working, travelling, or taking care of a family member. Online courses and distance learning is also a great way to earn some of the qualifications you will need to get the job you have always wanted.

So, here are our ten high-paying jobs that you can learn about through online courses and distance learning:

1.    Accountant
Once you are fully qualified accountant can earn anything up to £50,000+ with the average salary of chartered accountants with at least 2 years experience being £47,900. You won’t need a degree to become an accountant; however an AAT qualification is a popular prerequisite by most employers these days.

2.    Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers can earn an average of $£40,000 – £80,000 year. Some companies hire high school graduates, while some prefer college graduates. However, you can beef up your qualifications with distance learning courses. You can take online business or finance courses to better understand how insurance works. You can also take psychology courses to be able to relate to different kinds of people better. Meanwhile, there is also a variety of insurance and risk management courses that can prepare you for licensing exams. You can find these courses on websites like,, and

3.    Small Business Owner

Small business owners can earn an average of £50,270.00 a year. Not everyone is naturally business-savvy, but luckily, a lot of reputable academic institutions offer online business courses. You can make your business ideas a reality even though you have never thought of yourself as a capable businessperson. You can learn how to run a business from courses on websites like,, and

4.    Estate Agents

Estate agents can earn up to £41,392 a year. Since real estate agents help their clients buy, sell, and rent their properties, you might would need some top-notch marketing skills. Many distance learning websites offer courses on marketing and psychology that can help you be a great real estate agent. There are also many websites that offer online courses that can qualify you for a career in real estate in the country or state you live in. You can visit for people in the US, for Australia, and the International Career Institute for the UK.

5.    Network Specialist

Network specialists can earn an average of £41,073 a year. The duties of a network specialist can vary based on what a company or organization needs, but network specialists basically ensure the security and maintenance of a company’s networks and systems. Websites such as,, and offer online courses that can help you earn enough qualifications for a career as a network specialist. If you are tech-savvy, analytical, and patient both with computers and people, this can be a great and fulfilling career for you.

6.    Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can earn an average of £26,390 a year. Have you always had a talent for art and design? Do programs like Adobe Photoshop come like second nature to you? Websites such as,, and offer great and informative courses on art and graphic design. Graphic designers are also very sought-after in any field, either for long-term employment or for freelance projects. If you love making art, you can now also earn from doing what you love.

7.    Web Developer

Web developers can earn an average of £30,450 a year. Web developers create and maintain websites, which makes them an integral part of any company that wants a substantial web presence. Because the demand for web developers is steadily growing, this can be a lucrative and steady career for anyone who is willing to learn. You can learn how to be a web developer from websites like,, and

8.    Detectives and criminal investigators

Detectives and criminal investigators can earn an average of £51,694 a year. If you have a keen eye for detail, a sharp and analytical mind, and a thirst for justice, then you can be a detective or a criminal investigator without having to spend precious man hours at school. Websites such as,, and offer reputable course programs that can put you on the right track.

9.    Online Marketing Manager

Online advertising managers can earn an average of £32,610 a year. Do you have a knack for planning and overseeing long-term projects? Do you have excellent people skills? Online marketing managers lead a team that is in charge of generating online traffic and boosting sales through online marketing. Since online marketing is different from traditional marketing, online marketing managers must be able to think outside the box and be resourceful. Luckily, there are online courses that can help you navigate the world of online marketing., from Google, and offer in-depth courses that can help you understand what it takes to be an online marketing manager.

10. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers earn an average of £46,461 to £51,781 a year. To be an air traffic controller, you can take a course with the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) who run courses that run for a minimum of 5 months but can take up to 11 months depending on which area of air traffic control you want to be a specialist in.

After completing the necessary requirements, you can study to become an air traffic controller online. Online air traffic control courses are rare, but site such as has a list of aviation degree programs that are available for distance learning.


Your first splash into career-building doesn’t have to include a debt hanging over your head. Distance learning offers great opportunities to people who have not had the means, opportunity, or time to go to college. When a great opportunity is right at the tip of your fingertips, there’s no reason for you not to dive in.

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