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Good Networking Questions To Ask


You may be one of those many people who find the idea of networking daunting. You will find, however, that once you can get started on a conversation it becomes much easier. Here are some questions that will lead you towards the information you are hoping to get from a networking meeting:

  • How did you start in this area?
  • What are the essential skills required for working in this field?
  • What other strengths are needed for success?
  • What are the prospects for the industry?
  • What organisations are expanding?
  • What are the main challenges in the job?
  • What do you most like about the job?
  • From what do you get your job satisfaction?
  • What would a typical week involve?
  • What advice would you offer to someone coming into this business for the first time?
  • What would you recommend I do to prepare for getting work in this sector?
  • How do you think my past experience and skills fit into this sector?
  • What opportunities do you see in the future for this industry?
  • What companies are you aware of that are looking to recruit?
  • Who else do you think I ought to talk to in order to find out more about working in this area?