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Why Recruitment is a great Career Option


If you are looking for a varied, well-remunerated and challenging career then recruitment is one well worth consideration.

Buoyant Market

Even in periods of downturn people are always changing jobs and looking for new opportunities and this means that the recruitment market remains fairly buoyant. As this guide to How to Become a Recruiter highlights, the UK recruitment market is definitely on the up, currently worth over £30 billion.

Multiple Paths In

The nature of the recruitment industry means it combines sales expertise, knowledge of human resources and often specialist knowledge within a field. This allows for paths into the career to be varied and thus people enter the industry from numerous backgrounds. A degree is often less important than aptitude and while some recruiters possess HR knowledge, others come from sales professions or from technical or specialist niches.

Varied Careers

Your path once you have entered the recruitment arena can be equally varied. There are recruiters who work for employment agencies seeking jobs for candidates. There are in-house recruiters for companies whose role is to find the best hires for each position. While many are generalists in some industries in-depth knowledge of the vacancies the recruiter is filling can be vital to ensure a good match between employer and potential employee. In these specialist areas candidates for recruitment roles can be highly sought after, so remuneration is extremely generous.

Great Salary Potential

However, even for a generalist recruiter, the potential to earn a good salary is high. In agencies most recruiters are paid a basic salary plus commission. As this commission is generally uncapped, and vacancies are usually plentiful, prospects are good even for relatively junior staff members.

For those recruiters who work within companies they are also usually offered a bonus for each successful hire plus a further bonus should the candidate successfully complete any probationary period. Naturally it depends on the business concerned but the potential for a high income is definitely available.

Positive Experience

There are other reasons a career in recruitment can be a rewarding one and these revolve around the impact you are having on people’s lives. The career is one where good communication skills are needed and if you are an agency recruiter it can be a positive experience to help people gain a new career. Alternatively, if you are working within a company you enjoy the pleasant task of letting people know they are hired, while it often falls to Human Resources to inform the other candidates that they haven’t been successful. Your role is also usually highly regarded in the business or with clients and they are often very grateful that you have found them great candidates or a new job.

In addition, because you are always looking to fill new roles, the career is a diverse and exciting one. You can flex your problem-solving skills and the environment and the tools used within recruitment are also ever evolving, so you never get stuck in a rut.

You can enter a career in recruitment straight from school or college or you can take up the profession at a much later stage in your working life. If you are considering moving into the field after a career elsewhere it’s important to consider carefully how your current skills and experience could be utilized in such a role and then demonstrate this knowledge during the interview process.

Whatever stage of your career you are at, the possibilities offered by the recruitment industry are definitely worth considering, and you can always have an initial chat with someone already working as a recruiter to find out more about the industry first hand.

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