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How to start a bookkeeping career

The benefits of a bookkeeping career

If you’re looking for a long, rewarding career, bookkeeping could be for you. Bookkeepers keep accurate records of businesses’ in-goings and outgoings. They often work closely alongside accountants; with whom they have a mutually-beneficially relationship. All companies have in-goings and outgoings, and all companies are legally obliged to keep records of them. This means that there are nearly always various job opportunities for bookkeepers at any one time. If you do want a bookkeeping career, or at least think there’s a chance this could be the career for you, it could be wise to approach an educational organisation to see what they have to offer.

The value of bookkeepers

The more accurate records are; the easier life becomes for accountants. Meanwhile, accounts can help bookkeepers with some of the more technical aspects of finance. Your chances of being taken on as a bookkeeper will be heightened once you have some qualifications behind you. The International Association of Bookkeepers – or IAB – offer a range of level 1-4 bookkeeping, accounting and payroll qualifications. Various flexible study options are available, and you could even learn on the job via an apprenticeship. Once you have completed a course, you may well wish to enhance your career further by enrolling on a degree course. You should be in great stead to get the jobs you want, and you could even set up a business as a registered bookkeeper, providing services to companies without their own in-house professional.

Looking for a career change?

Targeting a career as a bookkeeper could be a good move whether you’re a school leaver or someone wishing to switch careers. It may also be ideal if simply wish to widen your skills base. The work done by bookkeepers is extremely valuable. Accountants are only able to offer quality advice to business owners if books are kept well. Don’t underestimate how useful IAB qualifications can be. Once you are qualified, you’ll have the edge you need to secure the roles you’re looking for. If you are interested in taking things further but want to find out more, why not speak to former bookkeeping students about their experiences?

Get the right type of training

Distance learning may be the best option for you if you wish to learn at your own pace. Though distance learning was once post-based, you can now do everything online and get all the help you need by staying in touch with tutors via the telephone and e-mail. If you have a job or a family to attend to, distance learning at your own pace could be the perfect solution. Large numbers of people are getting the bookkeeping training they need this way without being forced to put their lives on hold. No matter what your needs are or what your required pace is, you shouldn’t struggle to find a method of learning that suits you. Once you have the required skills, you’re always like to be in demand. All businesses require the skills of bookkeepers to some degree.