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Latest Posts

Worried About Your Job In The Oil Industry?

With oil prices hovering around historic lows, and showing little prospect of improvement, the industry is already in a process of contraction. The world is producing too much oil for its needs and new supplies from fracking in the USA are adding to the glut. The UK oilfields in the North Sea have been a shadow of their former selves for some years and recent weeks have seen a number of job losses, including 1,000 from the Wood Group. It is likely that further redundancies will take place over the coming months and years.

Will the Chinese Slowdown Affect Your Job?

China, the second largest economy in the world, is in the throes of economic turmoil. And businesses across the globe are worried. For over two decades China has powered world economic growth, both as a market for consumer goods and as a low cost manufacturer for industry. But with growth in China apparently shuddering to a halt, the fragile global economic recovery is under threat.

So how might this affect your job? Unless you work in a company that directly engages with China, the chances are, probably not at all. But what if the Chinese slowdown impacts the wider economy? The odds are still against it, but we could just enter another recession similar to banking crisis of 2008. What might happen to your job then, and what can you do about it now?

The Structure of Your CV

This article will help you to structure and compose a CV that conveys the information you need, and that looks good.