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Latest Posts

Technical advice for your home office

home office

With high speed home internet, cloud based productivity and collaboration tools, flexible employers and growing numbers of self employed people, home working is more popular than ever. But to do it right you need to set up a home office that’s suited to your needs.

Your workspace

Whether you’re working from home every day or only occasionally you need to have a space set aside where you can comfortably work. An appropriate desk and chair is important of course, but you should also think about the technological requirements.

Skype Interviews

Skype Interviews

Speaking with a client recently they mentioned that they’re going to be called shortly regarding a recent application that they made. They mentioned casually;

‘It will only be a Skype call’.

Immediately alarm bells rang in my head. Only a Skype call I thought. No, it  is your first round interview. Be under no illusion, Skype it’s a full head on interview.

Counter Job Offers

job offer

It can be a great feeling knowing that there are employers falling over each other trying to get their hands on you, but nice and all as may seem when you get an offer from another employer it’s not the signal for you to put yourself out for action.

As a rule a counter offer is not the plain sailing you may think. So if you take a typical situation where a counter offer becomes possible there are a few things that need to come together first.