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Latest Posts

What’s your Salary Expectation?


You just made through the interview, made a good job of answering all the questions asked and as it is almost at a close you are asked what is probably one of the hardest questions to answer;

So  what is your salary expectation?

Which freely translated means, how much do you think we are willing to pay you?

Yes, it’s a hard one, especially if you have no idea what the job on offer pays. Answer by saying too little and they might well just offer you that.  Later you will furious for selling yourself short.  On the other hand say too much and they won’t believe you.

Looking For a Job

Skills on CV


On my way home yesterday I stopped off at a local shop to get a few bits and pieces. It was one of those many newsagents or newsagent-deli type shops that you see on almost every street in every town and city I the country.  As I waited in a small queue of three, a young lady walked past us all, went directly to the guy at the counter and said quite clearly;

‘Is the boss around?’

No said the cashier to which she handed him two A4 pages adding ’this is my CV would you give it to him please and I’ll call back tomorrow.

Job Search Diagnostic


 Does your Job Searching keep hitting a stone wall somewhere in the process? Maybe its diagnostics time?

Clients often complain that their applications in response to job adverts do not seem to get the attention they deserve.  They just aren’t getting interviews or if they do, they don’t get a second one.  Or they go right through the process, but never get that final offer.  That being the case it’s time to think carefully about your approach, style of contact and your presentation.